Above are logos of some of John’s corporate clients.

Above are logos of some of John’s corporate clients.



"As a long time publisher focusing on leadership and management effectiveness, we’ve been privileged to work with John in the creation of three successful programs on his work. John has an engaging and inspiring presentation style. In addition, John brings a unique perspective and insight to how each of us can bring authenticity and focus to making ourselves more successful and making our organizations thrive.”               

Peter J. Jordan                                                                                                 President/CEO CRM Learning


“On every crucial presentation I make, I consult with John. He understands how to simplify my message, then coaches me to perform at a level I never wold have dreamed possible.” 

John Adams                                                                                                                CEO- Grease Monkey International


“Working with John is unique. He will make you find an authentic connection on the path to success. John’s core strength is keeping your best interests attainable and clearly a focus of your time together. Growth is always a by product of spending time with John.”

Joel Smith                                                                                                              Director Sales Operation, Scholastic Division Jostens Inc.


“Over my 26 year administrative career…John is that one guy who ‘dug in’ and got to the core of what really matters in this profession.”                                                  

Steve Williams                                                                                                           2017 Texas Administration of Secondary School Principals “Principal of the Year”


“If any school was going to embark on a branding process…I would suggest John Jenson be the first call they make. He sees what the rest of us tend to miss.”     

Richard Parkhouse                                                                                                         Author “ The Worlds Greatest High School"


“John is gifted in revealing intent and integrity of message, bringing both into focus. He offers valuable insight that accentuates a person’s style while preserving authenticity. No matter how certain I am of what I want to deliver, John is always able to help me find a stronger way.”

Steve Killen                                                                                                           National Sales Director - Jostens

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