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If there is one thing that has emerged as the most critical part of every organization and the teams within the need for clarity. Finding a way to get everyone on the same page along the lines of: the business they are in, the culture they are attempting to create, and the direction they are headed. It becomes a great story...but takes an outside perspective from someone that will not settle for anything that is not authentic...distinct and are truly a differentiator in your space which will get you to the point of clarity. These projects are ongoing...they are hard work and require an organization that is serious about changing the way they present themselves to the world. 




Keynote Presentations:

Sales and Leadership groups get together with one goal in get better. Over the years I have presented to over a thousand groups with one consistent theme. How do we make sure that when you have something to initiative...or a cause...that people are going to respond to the fashion you desire. Not only do they find you credible...but you put them in a position to act. You are that influence you need to be. I've never considered myself a "presenter guy" but someone that will belly up to the group and have that conversation that will get your wheels spinning. The best compliment I've ever received about a speech is after presenting to a large group, a man came up and said "I have experienced tons of motivational speakers in my day...but this one was just for me and I didn't want it to end." Mission accomplished!

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I am not a life coach, presentation coach, or a traditional "executive coach". In building my facility in Broomfield, Colorado years ago...I decided that this would be the place that professional people would come and run smack dab into the truth. Finding out exactly how they want to be perceived and what they need to accomplish. We proceed to and listen for anything that would be incongruent with what they're attempting to do. People rarely argue with their own when they feel part of their own development they have a tendency to lean in and accept the kind of feedback that will make them more effective in the situations they will encounter.



The Course

What is is:  A professional development class which provides participants executive level skills in personal branding, messaging, facilitation and selling ideas. Participants will be coached and filmed throughout the day. 
Who is it for:  For anyone who needs to represent your organization at a high level…. Current leaders…high potentials…anyone you’d like to invest in.
Where:  350 Interlocken Blvd Suite 380 Broomfield, CO 80021
Time:  8:30am-4pm  2nd Tuesday of every month
Investment Cost:  $1250.00 per participant (max 6 people)   *lunch is included   *team pricing available  *ongoing support